Simple Rules

Simple Rules coming April 2015

SR coverWe struggle to manage complexity every day. We follow intricate diets, juggle multiple TV remotes, face too much data at work, and hack through thickets of regulation at tax time. Sull and Eisenhardt argue there’s a better way: By developing a few simple rules, you can tackle even the most complex problems.

Simple rules are a hands-on tool to achieve our most pressing personal and professional objectives, from overcoming insomnia to becoming a smarter investor. Simple rules can help solve our most urgent social challenges, from setting interest rates at the Federal Reserve to protecting endangered marine wildlife.

Drawing on more than a decade of timely research, the authors provide a framework for developing and refining effective rules. They find insights in unexpected places, from how Tina Fey codified her Saturday Night Live experiences into rules for producing 30 Rock (“never tell a crazy person he’s crazy”), to burglars’ rules for selecting targets (“avoid houses with a car parked outside”), to Japanese engineers using the foraging rules of slime molds to optimize Tokyo’s rail system.

Whether you’re struggling with information overload, pursuing opportunities with limited resources, or just trying to change your bad habits, Simple Rules provides a powerful approach to tame complexity.

Simple Rules Videos

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  • Six types of simple rules
  • The simple rules of developing simple rules

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