5 myths of execution

By Don Sull on February 19, 2015 in Strategy Execution

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HBR March 15 cover

This article debunks five common myths on strategy execution. Harvard Business Review published it as the March 2015 cover article. We report findings from a survey of over 8,000 managers in nearly 300 organizations, and use data to dispel five widely-held myths about strategy execution. The five myths

1) Execution equals alignment

2)Execution means sticking to the plan

3) Communication ensures understanding

4) A performance culture drives execution

5) Execution should be driven from the top


One Response to “5 myths of execution”

  1. James Graham says:

    In the “Communication ensures understanding” section, you describe the situation where executives measure their communication “…in terms of inputs…rather than by the only metric that actually counts—how well key leaders understand what’s communicated” but never discuss how leaders could understand what is communicated. How can leaders form a visceral understanding of what they are and are not communicating?

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